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Subscriptions to the Max Book Club

What is l’école des loisirs?

l’école des loisirs is one of the most important French language publishers of children’s books. For over 50 years we have been publishing illustrated books, novels and comic books that have gained international recognition for their creative qualities. L’école des loisirs is distributed worldwide.

We created the Max Book Club, offering subscribers 8 books a year, to reach as many children as possible.

Discover the Max series

Listen to the stories 2017-2018

Listen to 21 stories chosen from Bebemax to Kilimax series





From September a selection of 25 titles in the series from Bebemax to Kilimax

What does a Max Book Club subscription offer?

Reading in another language offers children the chance to immerse themselves in another culture and build their intercultural competency. Our lively illustrations and texts reinforce children’s comprehension and appreciation of the French language while instilling a joy of reading.

Every year the Max Book Club offers 8 series of 8 books each. Each series is designed for a particular age group, from toddlers to adolescents. The illustrated books, novels, comic books of each series are chosen for their artistry, literary style and rich story content. Their diversity encourages children to broaden their reading tastes.

Usually subscriptions are offered to families through schools, daycare or nurseries and after-school associations.

Two types of subscription


During the eight months, you’ll receive a book mailed directly to your home monthly :

  • Apply on line
  • Or fill out the INDIVIDUAL subscription form included in your brochure and give it to your Max facilitator with your payment by check made out to l'Ecole des loisirs.


We offer a special group rate when several subscribers have books sent to a single address (school, daycare or nursery, association or home). There has to be a minimum of 3 subscribers to qualify.
Teachers may also apply to create a reading club for a class or for individual free study.

The books are labelled for each subscriber when they arrive and then distributed among them to be brought home.
In bundling subscriptions in a group, a school is eligible for a gift:
1 free subscription for every 12 subscribers.

Did your child’s school send you the brochure?
Just fill out the GROUP subscription form and return it to your child’s teacher with a cheque (US or CAD) made out to "L’ÉCOLE DES LOISIRS", or follow the instructions indicated in the brochure to pay in your own country's currency using either Paypal or a credit card.
For more informations, you can find the names and contact information for the Max facilitators below.

To help guide you in choosing a series for your child based on their comfort with the French language, whether you are an individual or group subscriber, please consult this guide

Rates and recommended levels

Would you like to…

Receive brochures?
Create a group at your school, daycare or home?

Contact your coordinator for more information and brochures:

French schools
Nathalie Plécy edlmaxus@yahoo.com (415) 626.5144
New York (Manhattan)
Flore Pouquet flore.pouquet@gmail.com (347) 567.0549
Immersion schools /
bilingual programs
Marie Barguirdjian mariemax.edl@gmail.com (1) 514.574.0648
Britannic Columbia
Sophie Babeanu sophie_babeanu@hotmail.com (1) 604.728.7910
Anne Compagnie compagnie.anne@gmail.com (1) 416.845.9375
Gaëlle Lecoq gaellelecoqmax@gmail.com (1) 587.216.7109
Marie Barguirdjian mariemax.edl@gmail.com (1) 514.574.0648
UNITED KINGDOM Nathalie Jackson nathaliejackson.edl@gmail.com (+44)
OTHER COUNTRIES Justine Duplaix jduplaix@ecoledesloisirs.com (+33)